Private Caravan Hire Hoburne

Looking to hire a private caravan in Hoburne? We have some of the best caravans available for private hire in Hoburne, Hoburne Naish and Hoburne Bashley in the New Forest.

Whether you are looking to Hire one of our caravans just for the night or for a holiday stay, speak to our amazing hosts who will be able to cater to all of your private caravan hire hoburne requirements.

Why Choose Private Hire?

Rather than letting Hoburne provide you with one of their universal caravans which they hire to all of their guests and can look very similar. Our private Caravans have character, come with everything you need to enjoy your stay whether its for a night or a week and have been beautifully decorated, furnished and a home away from home.


Which Hoburne Parks do we provide Private Caravans for?

We provide private caravan hire for Hoburne Naish, Bashley and Hoburne in the New Forest. The Hoburne Holiday Parks have the best facilities, swimming pools, arcades, entertainment, restuarants, spa, pools and bars. 


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Hoburne Park

Hoburne Naish

Hoburne Bashley New Forest